We regularly solicit improvement suggestions from our user base and incorporate these into our Roadmap and then into successive future releases.

The current release is version 1.0.2. Version 1.0.3 with more new features, will be released shortly.

Features in the Roadmap for 2021 future releases include:

Improve documentation and support for more development environments

  • Author API call documentation
    • Update/improve component integration documentation (currently part of the GitHub readme.md)
  • Develop additional sample code (using component)
    • Angular
    • Vue
    • React
    • Others, tbc
  • Develop additional sample code (using API calls), & add to GitHub
    • Angular
    • Vue
    • React
    • Others, tbc

Add multi-language functionality

  • Translate the UI and error messages both from the service and the JS.
  • Support multiple languages by importing multiple json files and having a collection of languages in the config.
  • Load a json file which users can edit and control.

Allow more flexibility in the Upload File method

  • We will add an object property [uploadResponse] to the document response object.
  • We will then populate this field if the user returns valid JSON from their uploaded file route.

Support various Linux Distros

  • Implement the SANE interface and create a GUI application.
  • Create and install the service.
  • Create an installer package & update the webservice.

Proposed Linux distros that we will support – Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora, Mint, Debian, openSUSE, etc.

Add Multi-Document functionality

  • Add a toggle to switch from basic to advanced which allows multi-document.
  • Updating the UI to allow creating “virtual” documents.
  • Adding and moving pages between the documents.
  • Auto separation detection and auto document creation

Your Suggestions?

Please respond to our survey if you have other suggestions, we happily welcome and consider all suggestions.

Alternatively, add your comments on our GitHub Forum.

 Frank McKenna, CEO