Document scanning is an essential component of any application capturing content and/or digitizing information.

WebTWAINSDK provides the functionality for developers to add Web TWAIN document scanning to their applications.

When first designing WebTWAINSDK we looked at the most popular scanner interfaces, including;

  • ISIS
  • WIA
  • SANE

And chose TWAIN as the most common, most capable (e.g., supports Windows, MacOS, Linux & Unix). TWAIN also provides the most functionality. It is also free.

All major scanner manufactures provide a TWAIN driver. That is, there is an available TWAIN driver for almost every scanner on the market. Please see the following link for a list of TWAIN scanner drivers.

Because there is a TWAIN solution for almost any scanner, we DO NOT support the other interfaces, that is, with WebTWAINSDK, we do not support ISIS, WIA or SANE.

You will note from our website that we only support TWAIN.

We have received error reports from developers when testing or operating with scanner interfaces other than TWAIN. Whereas we have tried to assist those developers as best we can, the only real solution is to install a TWAIN driver.

Please come back to me with any questions about TWAIN support. Contactus

Best Regards

Frank McKenna | Knowledgeone Corporation