This is a major update of WebTWAINSDK with significant new features and improvements

New Features:

  • Improved user flow for scanning, editing and saving documents with explicit Initialize and Finalize functions
  • Revert function to remove all edits (redact/cuts/resize) for all pages or a single page
  • More details in exception events
  • Correctly handles situation where client version is newer than server version
  • Expanded logging
  • Correctly selects available TWAIN scanners, and does not present unsupported WIA scanner drivers
  • Improved handling of scanning defaults
  • Centralise message boxes on screen
  • Gracefully handles high DPI exception events (especially during OCR processing)
  • Fixed Telerik zip file issue
  • Predicts PDF size and displays an error if it is greater than max upload when you try to attach
  • FileUploadLimitinMB set to 100MB & configurable by developer
  • OCRFilesizeWarninginMB set to 20MB & configurable by the developer
  • On Windows, the user can now cancel the OCR process at any time and return to editing
  • Expanded PDF logging
  • OCR process logging
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements for Windows and macOS

NOTE: If you have been testing various versions of WebTWAINSDK, we recommend that you uninstall the Knowledgeone Scan service and clear your browser’s cache before installing and testing the new version.

For all questions or issues with this new version please email:

Best Regards from the team at Knowledgeone Corporation