Frequently Asked Questions

How do we try an evaluation version of your product? Can we build a proof of concept?

We provide access to an online demonstration system, and source code examples are available on GitHub.

Any documents produced using the demo will be watermarked however all other functionality is available to evaluate.

When you purchase a developer license do you get unobfuscated JavaScript code?

No, we retain the IP.

What is the cost for SaaS integration and individual integration?

The costs and conditions are on the first page of the website.

Is the component multilingual?

Currently there is no support for multiple languages. However, we will be looking into this for a future release. For now, you can translate the UI by manually modifying the interface.html file and modifying the error messages in the k1ss.js

Can changes be made to the interface?

Yes, you can make changes to the interface. However, any changes you make may break in a future release and you will need to reimplement your changes.

What is the difference between Mapped Text and Embedded Text on the OCR option?

Mapped Text – This will align the OCR’ed text with the same text in the document. When you search the document, it will highlight the area in the document. Embedded Test – This will just place the OCR’ed text as a text dump in the document. This is used to quickly identify if the text is in the document.

What payment methods are accepted?

We will send you a contract to sign. Then we provide bank details for a wire transfer. We do not accept credit cards.

Do I need to use .NET?

You do not require .NET for the webserver hosting the web application.

What kind of support is provided?

If you encounter any issues or have any questions you can contact directly or With the purchase you will get 12 months of support and updates

How do you implement the component in my system?

Information is available in the GitHub sample code site.

In the site.js you will need to specify an endpoint for the fileUploadURL property. The service running on the client will upload the document to that specified endpoint. This can either be a static folder or if you prefer another endpoint where you can read and process the files that have been uploaded. If you go with the latter, you will need to get the file from the request object. In .NET this is achieved by accessing HTTPContect.Current.Request.Files, however you will need to find the equivalent for your environment.

Can the WebTWAIN SDK be implemented in Angular, VueJS, etc?

The SDK is a pure JavaScript component and can be referenced in your Angular application. You will just need to include the script and it will be available in the global scope of the application.

How do I provide the download link to my clients?

In the site.js ( there is a setting called setupFile. This setting is used to set the path to the endpoint that will download the file.

You can view this in the provided sample which has a controller bound to Home/DownloadSetup